HR Direct provides assessment services for both companies and individuals. In mapping personality as well as professional characteristics, we co-operate with external psychologists. The test batteries – psychological tests are custom-made to the client’s requirements.

Assessment has great results for instance if a company negotiates with several candidates for an important position in the company when the candidates appear equal. Assessment profoundly reveals the applicants’ strengths and weaknesses and eliminates the possibility of incorrect choice.  

Assessment is also effective in company HR audits. Sociometrics forms part of the assessment and reveals the popularity of the individual within the company.

Assessment is available for individuals who want to learn about themselves from a different perspective, for instance how they appear to their surroundings, work team, family. Learning about one’s possibilities may start a new direction in one’s career path.

Assessment has also proven effective for adolescent in finding a suitable type of work in relation to the talents and personality characteristics of the individual. 

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