Individual outplacement

Outplacement is the process of searching for a jom outside of company, finding a job with a different employer

This service we offer to companies that address staff number reductions, company mergers and duplicate jobs or job or company disappearance.

In outplacement, the companies find a solution how to help their employees, besides financial compensation, also with finding new jobs. Such projects are usually performed for the companies’ core employees who have worked there for a long time, are loyal and the company strives to find a correct solution. Most often, these are employees with increased risks in finding a new job. Risk factors include age, narrow professional specialisation and rigidity - more than 10 years of working at the last job. Projects are also performed for those who have made an extreme contribution to the company and the company wants to help and thank them in this manner.

Individual outplacement is carried out in programs performed according to the specific requirements of the company and the employee. Programs with various contents are carried out for weeks or months; they aim to find another job adequate to the employee’s wishes and labour market possibilities. In almost half of the projects completed the employee’s situation has improved both as to career and as to salary. The success rate of projects with a 9-week-horizon is 75 %.

Our Approach

HR Direct offers course participants professional assistance of a certified lecturer both on the theoretical and practical level.  The objective is help the person threatened by losing her/his job find orientation amongst options, save time and energy, adapt quickly and extend her/his opportunities to the maximum. A practical feature is addressing companies and direct search for employment opportunities based on daily job opportunity mapping.  


Our consultants draw on the experience with outplacement projects completed for Nestlé Česko s.r.o., Telefónica O2 CR, Siemens s.r.o., Telia, Dupond Conoco and Accenture Central Europe B.V., Fiamm - Akuma

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