Personal audit

HR Direct recommends personnel and process audit.

  • The objective is to analyze the current situation from the perspective of the company’s human resource strategy, map the company’s HR situation, assess it and generate a written output including recommendations for the company’s further measures in human resource management. Direct part is personnel costs savings. Cost savings ranges between 5 – 15 % of personnel costs.
  • HR audit is an effective means of implementing the company’s HR policy revitalisation or in the event of company expansion or decline. Employee satisfaction survey and engagement survey (motivation and commitment of employees) brings companies savings. Each 10 % of employee involvement is reflected in production increase of 6 % in a manufacturing company and resulting increase of overall corporate profit by 2 %.

Mapping the company’s HR potential is very important for efficient company management.

HR audit aims to provide the client with comprehensive information on its HR situation, potential, capacities but also risks, negatives and weaknesses. Combination of process and personnel audit in practice appears as the most effective way.

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