Salary survey

Outsourced services form a part of services provided by HR Direct.  

Salary surveys constitute a group of services. The completed projects are always based on the client’s specific requirements and focus on the assigned market segment. HR Direct concentrates on the local labour market exclusively.

The projects completed involved comparing salary tariffs for a list of jobs within the region specified by the client while monitoring the salary stratification by field of activity in the region in question (Central Bohemia Region, Mladá Boleslav district, Benešov district, Liberec district).  

Salary survey studies are valuable primarily for manufacturers who are trying to map the salary brackets while considering establishing a branch or relocation.  

The advantage of local surveys is more exact and up-to-date situation in the relevant micro region and more specific identification of salary levels for similarly-sized companies and organisations in a similar field while maintaining data validity and reliability. In labour market research, we co-operate with external entities and specialists. Due to their scope, such studies are significantly less costly when compared to large studies by renowned companies although they often represent an exactly targeted sample of companies in the relevant segment which increases their information value. 

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